Foundation Brushes Types (The Easiest Guide For Beginners)

Hey, Kaelyn here! Do you struggle with foundation brushes, how to use them and which type of brush is best for you? If that sounds familiar, than this video is the perfect guide! I am covering my top 3 foundation brushes for beginner’s and which ones will work best for you based on your individual needs. And don’t worry lovelies, there is plenty of advice for the reasons a brush may not work for you too!

I understand the struggle, aka “what in the heck do I apply my foundation with?” And believe me, that are ummm… A LOT of options out there that would confuse anyone just starting out. My goal with this video is to alleviate that confusion, and instill a sense of confidence the next time you head to the store to make your brush purchase.

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Flat or Paddle Foundation Brush:

A flat or paddle foundation brush sounds as simple as it’s title in that it literally looks like a paddle that you glide across your face. This brush contains semi densely packed bristles for even coverage in one swipe. Do keep in mind this brush MUST be used in downward strokes, and here’s why!

This type of brush works best for you if…

  1. You have dry or flakey skin because it won't cause your skin to flake off if you are swiping down with the brush.

  2. If you have large pores. This brush actually helps to fill the product into your pores!

  3. If you have a lot of annoying peach fuzz, swiping down will cause the unwanted hair to lay flat.

  4. And… If you want a very full coverage look, essentially painting the product on your face will definitely give you the highest full coverage!


Kabuki Brush (Flat Top and Round Top):

A Kabuki style brush is my favorite for beginners, because of it’s universal use for all skin and foundation types. You can pick up either a flat top or one that has more of a dome shape to it.

A flat top kabuki will be completely flat on top with densely packed bristles that give an airbrushed finish to the foundation. A rounded kabuki is about the same as a flat, except for there is a slight dome shape to the top of the brush.

This brush works best for you if…

  1. You have large pores on your face, especially by your nose area. Stippling the foundation into the skin will help sink that product into the pores and not make them look as pronounced and noticeable.

  2. If you want to vary the coverage amount of your foundation. You can really choose to get a lighter or more of a full coverage look, just depending on how much product you use and how much you stipple into your skin.

  3. Also, as I mentioned right before this, it's just a great universal choice for all skin and foundation types.


Stippling Brush:

Unlike the previous brushes that I've mentioned before, this one has the least densely packed bristles to it, but that doesn't mean that it still won't give you a beautiful, flawless finish. It also can be used for multiple products including blush, bronzer, powder foundation and more!

The stippling brush will work best for you if…

  1. You have pretty problem-free skin already and you only want a lighter coverage of foundation, especially if you can get away with just a powder foundation!

  2. You want the most bang for your buck kind of brush because of it’s ability to be used with multiple types of products including blush, bronzer, etc!

  3. You have normal to oily skin, you can use this brush to buff in the product vs stippling.

  • I do not recommend this brush for dry skin types. The buffing will cause additional irritation an possibly skin flaking up even more.

That’s it guys! 3 simple, beginner friendly brushes and which ones will or will not work best for you. If you want to be the first to know when the next beginner friendly video comes out, subscribe to my channel and hit that bell to be notified when it goes live!

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Thank you so much for watching!

— Kaelyn