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Are you constantly searching for your perfect foundation shade, only to continuously find ones that are too pink, too yellow, too dark, or too light? I am dishing out my pro tips on how to shop for and match your foundation the right way, and by yourself!


Step 1: Finding Your Undertone

Before shopping and trying on a foundation, it is essential to figure out what your undertone is. Everybody has either one of three undertones. You are either cool, warm, or you're neutral. The easiest way to figure out what undertones that you specifically are, are to look at the veins on your wrist in natural light. If your veins appear blue or purple, then you have cool undertones. If your veins appear green or olive in color, then you guys are definitely warm undertone. Or, if you can't really tell and your veins both appear blue and green at the same time, then you are a neutral undertone, meaning you are a combination of both.

Step 2: Learning About Your Skin Tone

Now that you guys know what your undertone is, you ultimately can make the judgment call on what your actual skin tone is. Fair, meaning that you have light skin with cool undertones. Light meaning that you have light skin with more warm or neutral undertones. Medium which has a wide range, obviously it does have a very wide range in between it, but it means that you're neither fair nor light, but you're also not very deep in skin tone either. You're just kind of that perfect middle ground and frankly I am so jealous of you. Or ultimately you are a deep skin tone which just means that your skin has a lot of pigmentation to it and it's definitely deeper than all three previous skin tones mentioned.

Step 3: Shop The Right Way!

You are ready to go shopping! That being said, what you want to do is you actually want to pick up two to three foundations that you think will match your undertone and your skin tone. Why do you need two or three foundations you ask? It helps to have two to three to test on your skin so you can try to find your perfect match, either one of them will work out for you perfectly or you might have to mix a couple together. Also, if you end up finding one or two foundations that work for you and you don't really like the third one, it's easy enough at both of those stores to return that product and get your money back.


Step 4: Test Till You Find Your Match

Now that you shopped for all of your foundations, it is time to test them! In the video, I show you how to stripe test it on your skin to ultimately figure out your perfect match or combination that will make your perfect match. You want to start with taking the foundation and swiping it from the bottom of your cheek down onto your neck, one right after the other. This will help you actually determine if one is a little too pink, too yellow, or just in general does not match your skin tone. Begin to blend out each line with your finger onto your face as well as your neck.

If one blends in and you can't really tell the difference between your skin and the foundation, bingo, you guys have a perfect match. You know right away if the foundation shade does not match your skin tone because you can see a definite light or dark line when you blend it out onto your skin. If you have two shade that honestly, when you look at them, they both look pretty close to your skin tone and it's kind of hard to determine which one would work, what I recommend is trying to mix them together and then repeating steps one through two. If they blend in to the skin without a clear line of demarcation, then you guys have your perfect foundation cocktail mixture and this combination will work for you.

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